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   Prestige Pedigrees and Software
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  • I am pleased to announce that Prestige Pedigrees will once again be "Open for Business"


  • My name is Michael Kiel, the Nephew of Marie Vihonsky. As some of you may know my Aunt passed away in January after a long battle with health issues. Before she passed away I was trying to help her run her business. Unfortunately she became too ill and asked for the business and website to be shut down.  In honor of her I am going to take over and continue her business of providing quality dog show secretarial software. My Aunt was a teacher and was always interested in me broadening my horizons. When I briefly was handling her business before she got too sick you could see it in her eyes how happy she was that I was helping her out. I hope that I can honor her memory by carrying on what she started.  Over the next few weeks I will be restoring the website and making revisions where necessary. Your patience is appreciated.


  • We are currently in the process of updating the AKC and UKC programs for the rule changes that are coming due on July 1st. If other programs need to be updated please email me. Please check back for updates!


  • Update 8/1/11 I am still working diligently on trying to update the programs. I have run into many unforeseen problems trying to understand and update the code. Unfortunately any updates to the programs will not be released until late September at the earliest. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes.   


  • Software
    Our custom software is being expanded to include speciliazed Dog Show/Trial Secretary programs. Evaluation (Demo) versions are available for download under the Try Before You Buy philosopy. Each Demo is a full functioning program, but you are limited to the number of records which can be added to the databases. When you purchase a license, you will receive a key code to UNLOCK the evaluation copy.
    • Available NOW!
      • UK Dog Show Manager - for a breed show catalogue in the United Kingdom format with or without Challenge Certificates
      • RallyO Trial Secretary - for Rally trials licensed by the Association Of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
      • AKC Trial Secretary - for Obedience and Rally trials licensed by the American Kennel Club
      • Specialty Show Secretary System (Windows version) - for AKC single breed conformation and obedience shows. Handles Multi-Day Shows with a Combined Catalog.  Includes Rally!
      • CPE Show Secretary - for agility trials licensed by Canine Performance Events, Inc.
      • UKC Trial Secretary - for agility and obedience trials licensed by the United Kennel Club.



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